About Us

In the Beginning:

Genia and Ludo Janssen founded Janssen & Associates in 1992.

In the beginning Janssen & Associates was more of a product marketing company. With the advent of the Internet, our focus changed to Internet marketing. It was a leap of faith for us but we looked at it as a challenge, something that really worked out for us.

The Growing Years:

Website and media has changed dramatically over the past 10+years and will continue to evolve. We have strived to keep up with the latest technologies and will continue to do so.

Where We’re Going:

We’ve had more than 15 years of software/firmware development experience in high-tech as well as project management. We have been doing websites full-time for over 13 years and also develop web pages in both English and Spanish. Not only can we do HTML, but we are well-versed in PHP/MySQL technology as well as search engine optimization. We work from home and do not outsource any of our work. Rich media and social networking are now integral parts of our business and we are focused on getting our clients versed in the most current technology.

Team Bio:

Genia Janssen (Genia Janssen, Owner): 

Born in Peru, Genia Janssen received a Bachelor’s Degree   from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Master’s Degree from  the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, both in Chemical Engineering. She has over 20 years of software and firmware development experience, primarily in the hard disk drive industry. In 1999 she decided to leave that industry for good and focus her code-writing talents full-time on website development, which had previously been a hobby. Most of all, she gets the greatest joy helping people with small businesses realize more success with e-commerce and creativity. She does web pages in both English and Spanish.

Ludo Janssen (Ludo Janssen, Owner):Ludo Janssen, originally from the Netherlands, is a graduate of the Twente Institute of Technology in Holland, where he received his Bachelor’s and Doctor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He has worked in high-tech throughout his professional career and is now self-employed doing graphic design, videography and photography. Ludo brings years of expertise in video editing and digital photography, something which began as a hobby several years ago. He has created several videos and video clips for small businesses and has mastered the art of taking and editing digital photographs.

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