Protect your files from Malware

We want our customers to be aware of Malware (malicious software) threats and know how to prevent them from infecting their computers and servers. Here are some tips that can help you avoid malware and other types of viruses:

  • Be an email skeptic: Malware is often spread through emails links or attachments. Don’t open attachments or click on links from people or companies you’re not familiar with.
  • Free software – too good to be true? Downloading free software is tempting, but it may include spyware and other malicious content. Only download software from trusted vendors.
  • Down with the pop-ups: Block pop-up windows and don’t click on links or buttons within them.
  • Bump up your browser security: Go into your web browser settings and make sure your security settings are set to medium or higher.
  • Beware of illegal downloads: While it’s tempting to watch a movie that’s still in theatres on your computer, many files shared on illegal file-sharing sites have pieces of malware attached to them.
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