Why Use Flash Video?

Have you ever tried to load a video on your computer, only to find that it does not run properly or at all?

The reason lies in incompatibilities between operating systems and browsers. Videos in Windows Media format will not work on a Mac. Conversely, videos in QuickTime (Mac) format will only work on a PC if the QuickTime driver is installed.

Flash video supports all formats, include Safari on a Mac and UNIX/LINUX. Best of all, Flash video streams, meaning that it starts to play before it finishes loading. Ever had to wait for a video to download before you could play it?

Look no further, as Adobe Flash 10.0 can be downloaded for free. Check out http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/.

Janssen and Associates can convert any of your videos to Flash video, provided you have the video source. Please contact us at http://www.draak.net/ for more information.

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